Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lesson Learned

by Jymie Darling Last year or maybe it was the year before...why I cannot remember is not a mystery (thank you military traumatic brain injury), I did a ride in the Veteran Ride at a horse show. I made no money. I made nothing more than any other rider did. I got a participation medal. It was for the wounded warrior project. I was in a dilemma. I have none of my old uniforms. Like nothing left from those days. I have some ribbons I was awarded but they are in pieces a bit. I went and got a uniform. I ordered my name badges. Got my unit patches. Two days prior to the event, they arrived....wrong. Unit were colored and names were wrong BDU. I flipped. I went in and I talked to the rep at the DAV and to some VFW friends, I talked to anyone who would talk to me at the VA, both patients and my therapist. Background...I just lost a few AMMO friends...cancer, heart and suicide. I was a mess losing them. An absolute mess. They were my first friends in Area 2 of Nellis AFB. Yes....AMMO worked Area 2. Know why you do not know? Because up until recently, that base was classified. Most of what I did there....STILL CLASSIFIED. Sorry your pathetic POI requests cannot get that. Nor the rest of the duty I did after I took a small break from uniform and returned in another branch for a small tour. Boo fucking hoo. Everyone said (including the old vietnam vets)...fuck it. Wear what you have. Fuck it, really. Who the fuck is going to cry regs in a charity event for the vets but not military sponsored. And if they do cry....they need to kill themselves for being such babies about it. And trust, there were losers in uniform that will cry at you sweetheart. Fuck them. They are proving what losers they are. Usually the ass lickers and shit eaters. I liked that. I use that phrase now. My therapist said, do something to honor my friends. That would make me feel less helpless, less hopeless. So I did. The medals that are being spread around the web as stolen valor by the ass licker, Shawn Armstrong and the shit eater, Marie Bargas...they are on the horse. They are not on my chest. DAV said, use all the medals of your fallen friends and yours but NOT ON YOUR CHEST...I riding blanket? YEP. I said...oh lord, I do not even remember mine and do I use the combo of the reserve to the active between my branches? GOOGLE. That was the advice. GOOGLE. So I did. Google got it wrong. But it was right as far as I knew. So I was attacked for it. I did not feel like full answers to total strangers who need to get a life or stop breathing in theirs. Miserable human sludge (2...a whole 2 people). My answers were either edited, taken out of context and/or completed fabricated on their mission to attack a 100% honorable AMMO USAF troop and made it their obsession. I want to be mad...but really, you must be so pathetic that all I can do is feel pity. So there. I do not owe a further explanation. I will not give one. This is in it's entirety but I am sure for Marie Bargas' websites and blogs...that mentally unhinged cancer of the community will twist it. Ass lickers and shit eaters. Oh...for my as I want and when nobodies of the world ask me to explain myself or they will make their mission to destroy everything about me, my horse and my businesses...answer: Ass licker or shit eater?

The Occult can Eat a Soul

As I sit and think back on all the nonsense and insanity that I have encountered with my 25 plus years in the occult community as one of the most respected spiritual advisors and the attacks that have continued from the handful of full on mentally unbalanced. I also served a lot of people and gave them good advice and great sound influence. This is one case and one case that I lost a good person into the clutches of a mentally unbalanced woman, Marie Bargas. The Case of Cole Prime. Now, I felt sorry for Cole for a very long time. He showed up like a lost puppy at my store. He was young. Confused. As much as I had empathy for him, it was his kids that endeared my to his family. They often showed up at my events at Panpipes Magickal Marketplace. Always so pleasant. Cole had extreme ideas but they were always grounded in reality. For years I knew and loved him and his family. Then one day, after I left the store and went into retirement...I created a group on facebook for the Los Angeles community to have a forum to speak. It was going well. Jake Richardson claimed he could make the weather change and that he could bring world peace...but did not want to. For his safety of ridicule that was being lumped on him...I took him from the group. He continued on my I deleted him. He is a super sensitive guy. Extremely good looking but super sensitive. I know he does not understand my reasoning but I felt more like a mother hen at that moment as I have ALWAYS felt like a mother hen to him. Cole jumps on one night. He begins talking Matrix. People are egging him on in a "look at this idiot" kind of way. I jumped privately to a few friends on the group and asked me to help me figure out if he was okay...THIS WAS NOT LIKE COLE. He started talking about paranoid delusions of being tapped. When pressed, he went further into a whole rant on holograms and how his family was against him and they were spies and possible holograms. I asked where his wife and kids were. In the public forum. My phone blowing up with people freaking out that he will hurt them. He said they were locked in their room and he had it with her treason. That she was poisoning the kids. Look....I do not know if she was. That is not my business. Technically, relationships...not my fecking business. However, when it looks like something is about to go bad incredibly fast, I would feel remiss if I did not act. So I contacted her. She was terrified. My advice...and my only advice at that time was: call 911. Find a place to stay tonight safely. Talk to the police. This is not like Cole. She did. Cole called me. Scared. I know he thinks that I betrayed him...I told him..when the cops come, talk calmly. Cooperate. Let the wife and kids leave to feel safe and this can all be worked out. Cole has fallen into the trap of believing a full psychic fraud named Marie Bargas. She is one of the most manipulative liars in the community. She believes herself a PR agent and I can share the horror stories of those that she has tried to convince to hire her, including myself. The joke is...everyone thinks she is a fraud and just keeps her close so that they do not deal with all the false websites, fabricated evidence and lies and threats that she continues to do to those that call her out. I called her out. She creates over 15 websites about me and has it spread by the people she cons. I still worry about Cole. I think he needs a grounded influence. I think he is in one of the biggest fluxes of his life and it is called "Transgender". Please Cole...Please honey, you are not crazy. You are not out of control. You certainly put that forward right now...but you are really just lost and confused. I wish you would have stayed put with grounded forces. Marie is a user. Marie is paranoid and possibly schizophrenic. She believes herself a pallidin healer waiting for Cthulhu to come. THIS IS NOT SANE. THIS IS NOT REALITY. Find some ground, dear Cole. You always know how to reach me, luv. visit my sites: Babylon Gardens Apothecary Jymie Darling The Pagan Paradigm

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Jymie Darling's Demonology Treatise was Reviewed

My treatise was reviewed by a critic that is fair and harsh at the same time. I must be completely honest, I was worried when I saw that I was reviewed. Like I said he is a fair but very critical reviewer that has done hundreds of reviews. I was happy with the review though. Made my evening and this said, there is a larger book of Demonology coming out from me. Here is the link to the full review. 4 out of 5 stars. Here are some of the highlights: Local magician , Jymie Darling, has generated a small but very informational treatise on various types of demons that spans across several cultures and philosophies. Stating off with the ancient Sumerians she describes the demons that plagued our first society and then goes through the Judeo Christian , indian ,native american and finally Gnostic traditions. The information provided in this book is top notch. The book is not a how to but rather an excellent overview. I have no complaints about her knowledge or writing style, rather there are editing issues that I noticed occurred with the kindle edition. The biggest problem is that the photos and illustrations cover over the text in many places. This blots out lots of information. A major drag. Having known the author and conversed with her let me tell you she is supernaturally intelligent. I wish she would write a much longer book. In fact I wish this book was longer. In Sumerian mythos which carries into Assyrian and Babylonian demons. The first class of demons are the demons who are god like. In a sense they are gods and goddesses of evil. The second class of demons are those wandering spirits of the undead , who may be angry or vengeful. The last kind of demon are those that are half human half demon. There were also winged demons who could bring evil to people or guard against evil. The author warns that when working with demons it is important to use incantation that are specific to their home religion. In other words you cannot threaten a demon like Labartu, Sumerian demon with the name adonai or Jesus as he would not know who they are. Important of note is that demons and gods tend to evolve,especially as they go through different religion's. They will get different names and characteristic. Still! Context is important.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ouija Board....the Talking Board of Evil?

Ouija Boards, pretty and a wonderful tool or is it? Ouija Boards were invented in the long line of talking tables and Victorian fascination with the dead and the Spiritual Revival. There is no doubt that there is the 'other side'. There is no doubt that there is a wonderful part of the unknown that we have yet to completely understand. Tools keep evolving. Looks and presentation become a must. Hollywood jumps on board and we have a tool of evil. Fears are placed into our minds. I am going to be incredibly unpopular with this particular blog, but this is 20+ years of being in the Occult with 90% of it spent working in/owning an Occult Store. First and foremost, let me explain something about myself. I believe in the unknown. I do. I do not think that every bump in the night is a ghost or every ghost is a demon. In fact, I am a skeptic first. I try to resolve everything prior to having faith. I do not know why. It is my way. If you say you are psychic, I have zero trust in that until I see it and can preclude any other explanation for the event I saw. When you say you are 99% correct, I have to question your technique. reader should ask you a question prior to reading. That is a dead giveaway. They should never try to manipulate you out of information during the reading. That is also a dead giveaway. A true psychic and tarot reader can simply throw the cards and come up with details that they have no way of knowing. The rests are frauds or reading your face. Those that think that they expose frauds are usually hiding what they do not want you to ask of them. That is why I do not out anyone by name...just by description that includes the entire sect of the community. We have such a telephone book listing of 'psychics' and 'spell casters' that we have become a joke at this point. Ouija Boards are the same. I have heard all the myths, all the scary stories (even from my mom) but I wanted to look deeper into this. The Ouija. Oui-Ja (yes/yes). There are differing opinions on the board's powers and where they come from. Some say it is you. Ideosyncratic Response from the brain causing the answers to come from you. To answer the self. Or perhaps to make you the portal to which the board works. Some say it is actually the spirit world using the board as the portal. Perhaps the planchette is the portal. Let's break it down shall we? You focus all of your energy/energies into your finger tips. We know that the fingers are like a wand. After all, a wand as a magickal tool is nothing more than the extension of your fingers and an object in which to focus upon and direct. Your finger tips are placed on the planchette, not the board. So in essence, it is the planchette that becomes the portal, not the board. The board is a tool...a map for the planchette to travel to give you the answers you seek. So let's right here stop and realize, the board itself has NOTHING to do with this. It is the Planchette. Therefore, it is the tool to regard with respect and caution. Whew, glad to clear this up. planchettes Next the spirits that come through. Yes, all kinds can come through. I use to tell people do not give the board any power or fear. YOU are in charge of the portal. Remember? It is through your fingertips that the portal has the energy, thus the power, to open. It requires it to remain open. Can something escape? Well, this is sticky and a bit of a blurred area. I think that if you are fearful of that, you have allowed that to be an option. What do I mean? Well, I have never had anything escape any portal doing any experimental or actual ritual work. NONE. Even as a baby occultist. Why would I be so lucky? How can I be an exception? Easy. I am not. I was trained from the very get go to never practice if scared. I had to adhere to the holy trinity of law: No Fear, No Doubt, No Guilt. So if I thought for a moment that I was going to be scared of something happening, I either did not proceed with doing it or I took extra precautions to put my monkey mind at rest. Thus, I did not create the option for something to escape. I was in control and my rules were to be followed. You see, I HAVE the energy to create such a connection...meaning IT needed me to come through. That makes me the greater energy. As such, my house, my rules. Simple. I have never been questioned nor challenged in any situation, including exorcisms. No Fear. I have No Doubt in myself. And I do not do anything I would feel Guilt for. I have seen people release things into their houses. The first question is: Did you perform some evocation? Ritual? Ouija? Seance? Call forth ANYTHING? Followed immediately by: Were you scared? Did you have doubts in yourself? Did you allow yourself to be frightened? Lastly: Did you research what you doing first? Like more than Google? More than A book? Usually....those questions above are 95% of what went wrong. Next, the Ouija. It is cute. It is. I find it quaint and I find it amusing. I do not find it to be an authority nor absolute. I use to tell people: Using a Ouija Board to ask advice is like calling 7-11's payphone and asking whoever answered the phone all your spiritual questions and advice. You might get a Sage, you might get a Fool. Either way, you do not know which one you got. So, I give the advice that I gave to many over the last 20+ years.... Play with the Ouija but understand, it might not be truthful. If you are scared, go to a movie instead of playing with the Ouija. If you are doubtful of your ability to maintain control with just words but not scared, play the board inside a magickal circle that was cast with protection or a salt circle. If you are worried about how to close the board. Do not be. The board is not the portal. Focus on the planchette. Remove your fingers and dip in a bowl of salt water to disconnect yourself, thus taking the energy from the portal. Then, for good measure, either store the planchette in salt or simply cleanse it with the salt water you have. A story I liked to repeat at the end of the advice: A couple once were playing the Ouija. They had contacted a small boy who passed on as a child. They talked to him over many nights. Always being told that the spirit felt safe and comfortable with them. That the boy had a bond now with them. An affection. They enjoyed the boy and enjoyed their talks. All the talks of his childhood, his time frame, his interests. They shared theirs. One night, the woman asked the boy: "When did you die?" The planchette went to 1-8-9-2. The woman apologized if this was sensitive information. She had held off asking anything that might bring pain to the boy. The planchette went to No. She then asked when were you born, hoping to discover an exact age and zodiac. The planchette went to 1-9-0-5. Confused, the woman asked...:"You were born after you died?" The planchette went wild all over the board in panic and went silent. The boy never did return.